Welcome to Official Homepage of ARRHYTHMIA Band.

Arrhythmia band have been established ten years ago as a project of three cello students (Břeťa Vybíral, Lukáš Man, Míša Jančaříková) leaded by their teacher Ondra Kratochvíl. The band was focused for performing songs of Apocalyptica and film melodies in their beginnings. In 2008 Míša Jančaříková was superseded by Martin Přemyslovský and a drummer Radek Hrůza joined the group then.

Change of the players was breakthrought for band career and creation. The band broke away from sign to be an Apocalyptica revival and started their own covers of well-known rock, metal and pop hits. It helped to make their way through local music scene and their started to appeir on music festivals all over the Czech Republic.

Arrhythmia band participated in talent show „Czechia-Slovakia's Got Talent“ in 2013 and they released their debut album- Resuscitation.

In april 2016 the band is releasing their second album called Uncovered, concerts all over the Czech Republic and cooperates with other famous musicians (Jaroslav Wykrent, O5 a Radeček, Karolína Gudasová, David Spilka) on diferent musical projects. Arrhythmia band is unique by their composition and also by their conception of music not only in the Czech Republic but also in whole middle Europe.